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At Teratak Spa with the tagline “amazing spa experience” greatly emphasizes the health of the body of every customer that present at Teratak Spa. It is very important for you to always exercise no matter where you are, including at workplace. When you exercise regularly, it increases blood flow, which circulates white blood cells throughout the body. Your body needs white blood cells to protect the body from disease because it is the cells of the immune system. Ideally you should spend up to 30 minutes a day exercising.

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is good for the brain and it also can prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Besides that, exercise also can be associated with reduced depression, good memory and rapid learning. Moreover, exercise also can turn on our ‘happier mood’. Many studies show that different types of exercise that produce sweat, can make you feel better and can relieve the symptoms of depression.

Exercise is said to prolong one’s life by slowing down the aging process and makes your skin more radiant.

According to Anthony Hackney, an exercise physiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Exercise activities improve blood circulation to the skin, by deliver oxygen and nutrients that improve skin health and help wound healing more quickly. That’s why when you have an injury, you need to start moving as quickly as possible – not just to keep your muscles from shrinking, but to ensure good blood circulation to the skin”.

Human body uses carbohydrates and fats as the main source of energy. But with consistent exercise, our body will burn fat better, thus, fat cells will shrink. “One of the benefits of exercise is that our cardiovascular system becomes stronger and better at delivering oxygen, so we can metabolize more fat as a source of energy,” Hackney said.

So wait are you waiting for?? Comes and join us at Teratak Spa for “amazing spa experience” that you’ll never forget.





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