Teratak Spa specialises in beauty treatments and consultations beside sales of skin care, health and beauty related products.  Experience our service at any branch nearest you.

Be part of  Teratak Spa family when we accredited as an SLDN Training Centre to mentoring or have professional consultancy services to those who want to start or expand spa or beauty business.

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31 Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.

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What are essential oil

  1. Naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds.
  2. Found in the seeds,bark,stems,roots, flower and other part of plant.
  3. Protect plants against environment threat  and provide beneficial properties..
  4. highly concentrated when distilled for purity, potency and efficacy.
  5. Used historically for food preparation, beauty treatment and health care practices.


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