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Type of Essential Oil


It used for:

Headaches, Migraines, Lack of concentration, mental fatigue, poor memory, nerve tonic, natural tranquillisers, sinus problems, bronchitis and coughs.


It used for:

Anxiety, depression, infection of the urinary track, nervous tension, lack of confidence, travel sickness, general fatigue, restore appetite and combats digestive problem such as colic


It used for:

Depression, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, menopause, pre menstrual tension, regulates the digestive system, aches and pains.


It used for:

Calming to the nervous system, anxiety, hyper ventilation (this oil has ability to deepen the breath), asthma, bronchitis and menstrual problem.


It used for:

Fluid retention, pre menstrual tension, menopausal problems, menstrual problems, mood swings, eczema, nervous tension, poor circulation, tonic and uplifting to the entire system.


It used for:

Muscle aches and pain, fluid retention, allergic reaction, scanty periods, antiseptic to pulmonary, digestive and urinary tract, palpitation, nervous tension, anxiety and depression.


It used for:

A warming oil for the main and the body, aches and pain, rheumatism, arthritis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, menstrual cramps, claiming and regulating to the nervous system.


It used for:

Pre menstrual tension, menopause, grief, depression, stimulate the libido, nervous tension and tones entire system.

Sandal wood

It used for :

Depression, nervous tension, insomnia, bronchitis, chough, sore throat, excellent for cystitis, fluid retention.


It used for:

Poor self esteem, depression, stimulates the libodo, anxiety, palpitations, insomnia and regulates the nervous system.

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