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Be part of  Teratak Spa family when we accredited as an SLDN Training Centre to mentoring or have professional consultancy services to those who want to start or expand spa or beauty business.

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There are many ways to manage and even reduce stress levels when you’re feeling tense. Food can be one of your biggest allies or enemies. It can make your stress levels go down or up, so it’s critical to pay attention to what you’re eating when you’re feeling frazzled. Not to mention, just being stressed can increase your

Feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong.If you’re looking for ways to prevent colds, the flu, and other infections, first step should be a visit to local grocery store such as Sunshine, Giant, Tesco, Mydin and so on. Plan your meals to include these powerful immune system boosters. Citrus fruit

Aromatherapy is the use of essences/essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to promote healing and maintain a state of well being both physically and emotionally. Naturally aromatherapy is considered a fairly holistic therapy (treating the whole person) however it can be traced back as far as 4500BC when ancient Egyptian used myrrh and cinnamon to

Basil It used for: Headaches, Migraines, Lack of concentration, mental fatigue, poor memory, nerve tonic, natural tranquillisers, sinus problems, bronchitis and coughs. Bergamot It used for: Anxiety, depression, infection of the urinary track, nervous tension, lack of confidence, travel sickness, general fatigue, restore appetite and combats digestive problem such as colic Chamomile It used for: Depression, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, menopause, pre

Team Teratak Spa Kuala Lumpur at Seri Pacific Hotel telah siap sedia untuk berkhidmat setelah menjalani latihan pemantapan di Teratak Spa HQ, Penang. Bangga dengan pelajar-pelajar dari GIATMARA, Kolej Komuniti, Kolej Vokasional dan Politeknik yang menjadi tulang belakang Teratak Spa. Terima kasih di atas doa semua agar segala urusan dipermudahan. Amin. #spaterbaikdikualalumpur #amazingspaexpereince #thebestspaintown #urutanmalaysia #teratakspa

Masyarakat Malaysia sebenarnya kaya dengan adat cuma adat-adat ini semakin dilupakan terutama orang muda oleh kerana lupa jati diri sebagai orang Melayu memandangkan sudah terhasut dengan kehidupan moden. Adat-adat ini perlu dijaga supaya tidak terus hilang ditelan zaman sampai bila-bila. Kunjungilah Teratak Spa, anda boleh rasai sendiri keunikannya. www.wasap.my/60194043131/iwantspa #NormaBaharu #spaterbaikdipenang #teratakspa #relaxing #bodymassage #staysafe #motac #staysafestayhome #motac

Naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds. Found in the seeds,bark,stems,roots, flower and other part of plant. Protect plants against environment threat  and provide beneficial properties.. highly concentrated when distilled for purity, potency and efficacy. Used historically for food preparation, beauty treatment and health care practices. References www.healthline.com  www.verywellhealth.com

What is most importance is that you have fun. Exercise with friend if you can, enjoy the environment if you are exercising outside, play music to lift your spirits choose activities that you enjoy and vary the exercise so you don't bored. People who look forward to exercising the most are the people who incorporate

At Teratak Spa with the tagline “amazing spa experience” greatly emphasizes the health of the body of every customer that present at Teratak Spa. It is very important for you to always exercise no matter where you are, including at workplace. When you exercise regularly, it increases blood flow, which circulates white blood cells

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