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Nail Henna

The word ‘henna’ is the dark-red/brown dye for hair and skin that is traditionally used in many cultures, but the name also applies to the flowering plant from which the dye is derived. People often forget about maintaining healthy nails, but the cuticles and space under the nails are prime locations for infection and bacterial presence. Therefore, treating your nails with henna is a wise choice. Drinking the water in which leaves have been steeped helps prevent nails from cracking and reduce inflammation. Applying a poultice directly to the nail beds can clear up irritation, pain, and infection in the nail beds.

  1. Henna is fast, easy and painless.  A ticklish and relaxing experience.
  2. Henna paste calms you by extracting the excess heat in your body.
  3. Henna also acts as an anti-fungal and a preservative for leather and cloth.
  4. Henna is known to strengthen nails, prevent fungus in the nail beds, and heal split ends and cracked cuticles.
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